Can Your Laptop Cause Male Infertility

Can Your Laptop Cause Male Infertility

by Yenny (SU)

If you and your partner are having issues conceiving, it might not always be due to female fertility issues; well over 2 million men are diagnosed with male infertility every year in the US. While the causes may include issues with semen production, sperm transport, or ejaculation issues, a few simple lifestyle changes can make all the difference when it comes to sperm quality.

To keep you and your sperm healthy, try switching to boxers instead of briefs, quit smoking and keep up with your workout routine. Also, keep in mind that a healthy lifestyle means being mindful of medications you use – prescription or over-the-counter – which could be wreaking havoc in the baby-creation department. 

The most common misconception associated with a low or less-than-optimal sperm count, however, is that laptops can cause male infertility. The answer, though, might surprise you. While laptops themselves are not singlehandedly to blame for male fertility issues – it’s the temperature of a laptop that is no laughing matter. Hot tubs, tight pants, hot weather, and, yes, portable computers placed on the lap, can all increase the temperature of the testicles and lead to a low or less-than-ideal sperm count.

If you and your partner have tried to conceive but have been unsuccessful, it would be helpful to see a urologist for testing that can help pinpoint the reason your efforts to conceive are not working. While the issue may lie with a woman’s ovaries or uterus, it may also be the result of male infertility issues. Don’t lose hope until you have exhausted all your options and resources.  Remember, making your sperm count more optimal for conception could be as easy as changing your underwear or limiting your laptop time.

So, the moral of the story is to avoid elevated temperatures, especially in the groin area. And if you and your partner are facing complications with conceiving a child, talk to your doctor about what changes you can make to help.

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