Men’s Health: The Main Doctors You Need to See

Men’s Health: The Main Doctors You Need to See

by Crystal (SU)

Men and women are not created equal; their physical differences include a susceptibility to different types of medical ailments and conditions.


To ensure that men receive health care specific to their needs, there are several types of doctors they should see for preventive care.




A urologist is a doctor who specializes in the genitals and urinary tract, which includes the male reproductive organs such as the penis, testes, and prostate. 


Men with questions or concerns related to their sexual health should see a urologist who can address issues including erectile dysfunction and male infertility.


A visit to the urologist is a must if blood is seen in the urine. This symptom may indicate a host of problems, but also cancer of the kidneys or bladder. Blood in the urine should be treated seriously, and a urology specialist is the best bet for an accurate diagnosis and treatment options.


Also, it is extremely important that men over the age of 40 visit their urologist for prostate cancer screening. An enlarged prostate – also referred to as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) – is a very common problem for men, the risk of which increases with age. The condition causes problems with urination and may indicate prostate cancer.


Other conditions or treatments that require the attention of a urologist include incontinence, urinary tract infections, vasectomy, kidney stones, and more.


General Practitioner


Primary care physicians treat men, women, and children. They can often spot conditions before they develop into larger issues. This is typically the doctor you go to for the most common health care concerns such as a cold/flu, strep throat, and annual physicals that can identify trends that may indicate a bigger problem such as heart disease or cancer. In those cases, a general practitioner will likely refer you to the medical specialist who can best treat you.




An internist treats adult men and women. Similar to a general practitioner, this type of doctor focuses on issues that occur in adulthood. For example, men with conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure might regularly see an internist, who can assist in regulating the condition before it worsens and morphs into more serious diseases.


Dr. Desiderio Avila of Ironwood Urology is a board-certified urologist and is capable of evaluating and treating a variety of men’s health conditions. For a comprehensive approach to your urological needs, including prostate screening, please don’t hesitate to call for an appointment: (480) 961-2323.