Facts You Should Know Before Having a Vasectomy

Facts You Should Know Before Having a Vasectomy

by Christopher (SU)

A vasectomy is a birth control method for men. It is a small surgical procedure that prevents sperm from exiting the body, thus preventing the possibility of fertilizing a woman’s egg.

A vasectomy is a highly popular, safe, and effective procedure. For men who do not want children at all or are done having children, it is an ideal procedure. Furthermore, vasectomies are often reversible. As such, if you change your mind about family planning in the future, the procedure can be reversed by a skilled urologist.

Before deciding whether you want to get a vasectomy, it is important to collect as much information about the procedure as possible. Here are some facts you should know and discuss with your urologist.

The Vas Deferens is Clamped or Cut.

You have tubes, known as vas deferens, that run from the seminal vesicle to your testicles. These tubes transfer sperm into your semen. During a vasectomy, your urologist will either cut or clamp the tube of each testicle, so the sperm can't reach the semen. Instead, your body reabsorbs the sperm.

A Vasectomy Doesn't Work Immediately.

A vasectomy isn't effective immediately, so you'll need to use an alternative form of birth control at first. Your doctor will schedule you for a follow-up to evaluate your semen for the presence of sperm. It usually takes a few months for this to happen. Generally, you'll need to ejaculate at least 15 to 20 times to rid your system of any sperm and be considered sterile.

A Vasectomy Has a High Effectiveness Rate.

No birth control is 100 percent effective, but a vasectomy is effective a majority of the time. In fact, only in one out of every 10,000 cases does the sperm cross the separated vas deferens and cause pregnancy. 

The Procedure May Be Reversible.

If you decide later that you would like to have children, a doctor may perform a vasectomy reversal. During this procedure, your doctor will reconnect the vas deferens, so the sperm may travel through them and into your semen once again.

There isn't a guarantee that you'll be able to have children again. The success rate varies from 30 to 90 percent. The time since your vasectomy, the specific vasectomy procedure you had done, and your urologist’s expertise will determine how successful a reversal is.

The Procedure Is Safe for Most Men.

Most men can safely undergo the procedure. However, men with a testicular disease or who have chronic testicular pain may not be able to have the procedure safely. Side effects aren't common but can happen in some cases. For instance, immediate side effects after the procedure may occur, such as blood in your semen, scrotum bruising, mild pain, discomfort, bleeding inside your scrotum, or swelling. You may have delayed side effects, such as testicular fluid accumulation that causes a dull ache during ejaculation, inflammation from leaking sperm, a fluid-filled sac around a testicle, or an abnormal cyst. Your urologist will take every measure possible to reduce your risk of complications and side effects.

Why Choose Dr. Avila from Ironwood Urology in Phoenix, AZ

Dr. Avila understands every family has different family planning needs, and for many, it is important not to have children. Therefore, he is happy to help you find a birth control solution that works best for your needs. If a vasectomy is the procedure that’s right for you, our doctor will perform a no-scalpel, no-needle vasectomy and may reverse it in the future if you ever change your mind. 

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