Signs of Low Testosterone in Men

Signs of Low Testosterone in Men

by Alex Hirsch (SU)

Testosterone is a type of sex hormone present in both men and women. While both men and women have testosterone in their systems, men have higher levels of it compared to women. This hormone is responsible for things like the growth of body hair, increased muscle mass, and lower levels of body fat, and a lot more.

Testosterone production increases during adolescence and declines as a man ages. While a decline due to aging is natural, significant drops in testosterone are unhealthy and can be caused by things like chemotherapy, alcohol abuse, cirrhosis of the liver, HIV/AIDS, and more. Sometimes, the causes of low testosterone are not easily detectable. So how do you know if you have low testosterone? There are certain symptoms commonly associated with low testosterone. If you experience these symptoms, you may have low testosterone and should consult with a doctor. 

Here are some common symptoms associated with low testosterone in men. 

Hair Loss Aging often comes with hair loss for men and women. However, it is also associated with low testosterone in men. This sex hormone affects hair growth on your face and body. Those with declining levels of testosterone may find themselves not having to shave as often or notice a lot more hair shedding than usual. 

Fatigue and Decreased Energy As testosterone production slows down, patients find themselves feeling lethargic and tired. Fatigue is one of the common symptoms with this condition. Even after a full night’s sleep, men with low testosterone report feeling tired. Some men facing this issue also report that they experience insomnia or even sleep apnea. The latter is especially concerning as it may cause testosterone to decrease even further. 

Mood Swings Hormones can also affect our emotions. Men with low testosterone may experience mood swings and feel sad or even depressed. Irritability is also quite common for men who experience low testosterone. Likewise, mental capacity can also change. With low levels of testosterone, you may become more forgetful and have trouble concentrating.

Sexual Changes Testosterone affects a man’s sex drive. Low testosterone levels can leave men unenthusiastic about sex. Another symptom of low testosterone is decreased libido. Additionally, men may also have trouble maintaining an erection. While testosterone levels aren’t the only factor responsible for this, it does help stimulate brain receptors, which trigger a chemical reaction that leads to an erection. Finally, testosterone is essential in the production of sperm. Without the correct levels of it, men may experience fertility issues because semen production decreases as the body produces lower amounts of testosterone. 

Hot Flashes

If you’ve ever experienced a cold sweat and that comes and goes very quickly, you most likely had a hot flash. People often associate this symptom with menopause, but men with low testosterone levels can also experience hot flashes. 

If you are experiencing symptoms associated with low testosterone, it’s time to see a doctor who can diagnose you and recommend ways to fix it. The healthcare professionals at Ironwood Urology are trained to cater to your needs effectively and respectfully. They have substantial experience treating all types of urological health issues and would love to help you. Call (480) 961-2323 to schedule an appointment or request an appointment online.