How Can I Improve Erectile Dysfunction Naturally?

How Can I Improve Erectile Dysfunction Naturally?

by Alex Hirsch (SU)

A considerable percentage of men will experience erectile dysfunction (ED) at some point in their lifetime. Studies have consistently found that about 40% of men in their 40s, 50% of men in their 50s, and so on tend to experience ED – the prevalence increases by 10% for each decade of aging, according to the Journal of Urology.

Erectile dysfunction can happen for many reasons: aging, medication, disease, or prostate issues. If you suffer from ED, the embarrassment you feel over your condition may prevent you from seeking help. However, it’s important to know that if you keep having this issue, you need to seek medical attention. ED can be a symptom of an underlying medical condition which should be addressed.

Regardless of the reason for your ED, there are steps you can take to improve erectile dysfunction naturally.

Natural Ways to Improve Erectile Dysfunction 

Treatments for erectile dysfunction include lifestyle and diet modifications, including the following:


Moderate exercise can help reduce your risk of ED or improve the condition. Studies show that 30 minutes of walking every day can help restore the sexual performance of middle-aged men. Exercise also helps to reduce stress, which can be a contributing factor to ED.

Quit Smoking and Drinking 

Regularly smoking and drinking alcohol are risk factors for developing ED. Therefore, one of the most significant lifestyle changes you can make for the better is to quit these habits.

Why? Because smoking can constrict your blood vessels, which impedes normal blood flow – and a healthy blood flow is essential for sexual activity. And alcohol can interfere with your ability to maintain an erection because it is a depressant, which lowers function and nerve activity.

Eat a Healthy Diet 

A diet that is high in junk food will naturally result in poor sexual performance, because your body is not as healthy as it can be. Aim for a diet that is rich in protein, grains, and fruits and vegetables.

Treat Pre-Existing Health Conditions 

Any pre-existing health condition, such as diabetes, vascular disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, all need treatment and management in order to help prevent ED from occurring. Damage in the arteries in particular can lead to ED. Therefore, have a urologist evaluate you for any existing condition that may be causing your ED.

Lose Weight 

Being overweight can lead to a host of health problems, particularly vascular problems. Studies show that a man with a waist that is over 40 inches has more than a 50% chance of experiencing erectile dysfunction than a man with a waist in the 30- to 35-inch range. Therefore, staying fit is a good strategy for improving symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction 

Making lifestyle and dietary changes can help to prevent erectile dysfunction from occurring. However, erectile dysfunction may be a symptom of an underlying disease, so it is best to be evaluated by a skilled urologist. 

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