Recovery From a Vasectomy

Recovery From a Vasectomy

by Alex Hirsch (SU)

Vasectomy is one of the safest procedures for men. Despite this, a lot of people wonder what the recovery period will be like. Fortunately, the recovery period after a vasectomy is generally very short. This means, after a short period, you can return to your normal activities. Here is more information on the recovery period after a vasectomy that you should keep in mind. 

Get Ample Rest

Just like recovery periods for other procedures and conditions, rest is crucial after a vasectomy. You can return to your normal activities in as little as a few weeks. Until your doctor gives you an all clear sign, avoid any strenuous activities such as going to the gym, lifting heavy things, doing errands that strain your body, and more. Most doctors’ post-procedural instructions say there should be little to no physical activities for at least two to three days.

Not following this advice can result in spontaneous bleeding and increased pain in the surgical site. To help quicken the recovery process and reduce the chances of complications, take it easy and rest until your doctor says you are good to go.

Take Your Prescribed Medication

After your procedure, you may feel pain. If your doctor prescribed or recommended pain medication, take it according to directions. This will help you feel comfortable as you recover. Additionally, it is possible for your doctor to prescribe antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection following your procedure. If this is the case, make sure to take your medication as prescribed. This will keep you safe from complications as you recover.

Reduce Discomfort

There will may be some discomfort in the days after the vasectomy procedure. To help you feel more comfortable, make sure to follow these tips:

  • Intermittently use an ice pack every 2 to 3 hours to assist in the recovery. Place this on the scrotum area to reduce swelling.
  • Wear clothing that helps reduce discomfort in the area. Do not wear clothes that cause pain or tighten the surgery area.

Keep the Surgery Site Clean

Keeping the surgery site is a critical step in helping with the recovery following your vasectomy. Make sure to follow your doctor’s orders when caring for your surgery site. Avoid swimming, hot saunas, and hot baths until your doctor says it's okay. Make sure to clean the surgery area as directed so you can keep unsafe germs and bacteria away from the wound during recovery.

Choose the Right Urologist

The first step in ensuring your vasectomy is a successful and comfortable procedure is choosing a doctor who is supportive. Your doctor should give you all the information you need and provide answers to all your questions before and after your procedure. This open communication is critical to keeping you informed about what you need to do while you recover. 

Urologist in Phoenix, Arizona

After a vasectomy procedure, you will need to follow your doctor’s orders to ensure you have a good recovery. If you are looking for a supportive and knowledgeable doctor who can help you before and after your procedure, visit Dr. Desiderio Avila of Ironwood Urology today. 

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