How Can Dr. Avila Improve Your Sex Life?

How Can Dr. Avila Improve Your Sex Life?

by Alex Hirsch (SU)

Sex is an integral part of our romantic relationships. If you are having trouble in this department, see a medical professional who can help you get real results fast. 

Here’s how Dr. Desiderio Avila Jr., an experienced urologist, can change your sex life for the better.

Check Underlying Problems

Having underlying health issues can be a significant impediment when it comes to your sex life. Diagnosing and treating such problems could allow you to enjoy better intimacy with your partner. An example is Peyronie’s disease. This disease results in scar tissue (plaque) formation underneath the skin of the penis. It can affect the length and width of the penis as well as cause it to bend to the side. While some men experiencing this problem can still have sex, it can be painful for others. It can also lead to erectile dysfunction. 

Thankfully, there are treatments for Peyronie’s disease. Non-surgical options include oral medication, injection therapy, traction devices, and vacuum erection devices. Surgery can also correct the problem. 

Treat Low Testosterone Levels

Low T-level is a problem that affects millions of men worldwide. This condition can cause a constant feeling of tiredness, difficulty concentrating, and a lower sex drive. Certain factors can contribute to this issue, including diabetes, obesity, hormone disorders, and certain lifestyle choices. 

Dr. Avila can help determine what’s causing your lowered testosterone levels and offer medical advice as well as treatments. These may include injections, topical T gel, or even weight loss help. 

Offer Non-Surgical Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Erectile dysfunction can severely hamper your performance during sex. As a solution, Dr. Avila offers many non-surgical treatments. These solutions include oral medications, injections, and vacuum constriction devices (VCD).

Medications include Viagra, Stendra, or Levitra. It’s crucial to seek advice from a medical professional you trust before trying these out yourself. Dr. Avila can ensure that it’s safe for you to take these medications and recommend one that is the best option for you.

Vasectomies and Vasectomy Reversals

One thing that can negatively impact your sex life is worrying about an unplanned pregnancy.  Other forms of contraception, such as condoms, may not be a viable option for men who are allergic or sensitive to latex. Getting a vasectomy may be the safest and most effective method of male contraception. This procedure can eliminate the possibility of you getting your partner pregnant through an simple and quick outpatient procedure. 

Many times, our family planning goals change with time. Luckily, vasectomy procedures are reversible. You can get a quick outpatient procedure done to reverse your vasectomy, so you once again have the ability to have children.

Urological Treatments in Phoenix, Arizona

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