What Will My Urologist Look For if I Think I’m Infertile?

What Will My Urologist Look For if I Think I’m Infertile?

by Olivia Pryor (SU)

If you and your partner are trying to get pregnant but it’s taking many months, it is in your best interest to have an evaluation by a urologist who can pinpoint and treat the issue. Your urologist will evaluate your medical history to see if you have any risk factors for male infertility.

The doctor will review your genetics, your lifestyle habits, and whether you use any alcohol or drugs – including certain prescription medications. Your physician will also want to know about how much alcohol you consume as well as what your typical stress levels are.

During your exam, the urologist will also evaluate your weight. You’re more likely to suffer from infertility if you’re overweight, because it can contribute to hormonal changes that decrease your fertility. Let’s talk about some of the main things you can expect during a urology exam if you suspect you may have infertility issues, and where you can go for an accurate assessment and treatment that works for you.

Hormone Testing

Your doctor will conduct hormone testing based on a blood test. Specifically, your doctor will assess your follicle-stimulating hormone level as well as your testosterone level. These hormones play a role in sperm production and sex drive, and if your level of either or both of these hormones is too high or too low, it can impact your fertility.

Sperm Evaluation

The urologist may ask you to provide a sperm sample. Once your urologist has the sample, the doctor will send it to a laboratory to evaluate the number of sperm in the semen. The sperm will also be assessed for abnormalities, the motility and shape of your sperm, and any signs of an infection.


Your doctor may want to collect a urine sample to look for sperm in your urine. This issue is known as retrograde ejaculation, which occurs when your semen enters into the bladder instead of exiting during ejaculation. This issue can be treated medically.

Ultrasound of Your Testicles

When determining the root cause of your infertility, the doctor may order a scrotal ultrasound. This test uses sound waves to develop an image of the inside of your testicles; no radiation is involved in an ultrasound. With these images, your urologist will be able to assess the inside of your scrotum for any abnormalities that could lead to infertility.

Genetic Test

Your doctor may perform genetic testing on your sperm. The test looks for subtle changes with your “Y” chromosome, which is the male chromosome. (The female chromosome is the “X” chromosome.) This test can help to identify certain inherited issues.

Phoenix, AZ Urologist for Infertility Evaluation

Experienced urologist Dr. Desi Avila is a specialist in male infertility, and he can efficiently evaluate and diagnose the cause behind your male infertility. He can then recommend and prescribe a treatment that can work for you, so you can regain your fertility.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Avila, contact the friendly staff at Ironwood Urology today by calling us at (480) 961-2323 or fill out our appointment request form online now. We look forward to helping you get started on starting a family.