Important Questions That You Should Ask Your New Urologist at Your First Appointment

Important Questions That You Should Ask Your New Urologist at Your First Appointment

by Kassandra Silva (SU)

When you visit a urologist for the first time, be prepared to ask questions about qualifications, your symptoms, and concerns you have about your urological health. At Ironwood Urology in Phoenix, AZ, our board-certified urologist fully answers queries, because we believe that knowledge empowers patients to make good healthcare decisions.

Asking Questions At Your Initial Urology Appointment

When it comes to your urological and men’s health, you need the best specialist available. Open patient-doctor communication tells you you’re in the right medical practice. Here are some questions you should ask your urologist when you come to Ironwood Urology in Phoenix, AZ.

How Much Experience Do You Have in Treating My Condition or in The Procedure I Need?

Your new urologist can outline the education and years of experience they have–things such as board-certification and what hospital affiliations they have–along with the diagnostic assessments and surgical and non-surgical interventions they may use to treat your health problem. Plus, ask if the doctor is open to you getting a second opinion from another physician.

Why Is My Urine Stream Weak, And What Is a Normal Number of Bathroom Trips in a Day?

Many men, particularly those age 40 and up, ask this question either because they are having trouble urinating or because they are aware of their age and the urinary tract problems they are at risk for. For women, UTIs and urinary incontinence become more frequent with age. For men, the prostate enlarges, causing a variety of bathroom issues, including urinary urgency and frequency.

Your urologist will explain the pathophysiology of common urological issues which develop at mid-life and the senior years. For men, the doctor performs a DRE, or digital rectal exam, to evaluate prostate size, and does a PSA blood test to check for signs of prostate cancer. They may also order imaging tests, as needed.

I Feel Fine, But Could I Have Prostate Cancer?

Your new urologist can help you identify your risks for developing prostate cancer and when routine screenings should start. For instance, if you are African-American, statistics show you are at a higher risk. Also, if you have close relatives (brother, father, or son) with a history of the disease, your risk is higher.

Your urology specialist can talk you through this information, recommend when to start screening, and how often you should have it. Prostate cancer can be asymptomatic for long periods of time. That’s why screening tests are so important.

I Had a Vasectomy But Now Want to Expand My Family. Is Reversal Possible? 

Your urologist can answer this question after they perform a thorough examination and understand the details of the vasectomy procedure you had done. There are two ways to perform this in-office surgery, and your urologist can tell you if you are a candidate based on the method used to perform the vasectomy and the number of years that have passed since you had it done. Typically, the shorter the interval between the original vasectomy and the reversal, the higher the success rate.

Is ED Inevitable, And What Treatments Are Available?

The occurrence of erectile dysfunction increases with age. It’s not unusual for a man over 50 to experience occasional inability to achieve and keep a firm erection. However, persistent ED can stem from underlying health issues, stress, alcohol, smoking, and more. So, you should ask your new urologist about any symptoms you have and what diagnostic assessments and possible treatments you may need.

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If your primary care physician wishes you to see a urologist, consider Dr. Desi Avila at Ironwood Urology. He is fellowship-trained and board-certified in urology and has extensive experience in men’s health issues, such as ED, Peyronie’s disease, low-T, and more.

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