Common Conditions in Men Treated by a Urologist

Common Conditions in Men Treated by a Urologist

by Jeetendra Kumar (SU)

Men’s health comes with unique challenges, including urinary tract and sexual health issues. To increase your personal knowledge of these issues, let’s explore some common issues in men that your urologist in Phoenix, AZ, treats.


This knowledge will empower you to make solid decisions about your overall health and well-being.

Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH)

Some men’s health issues are age-dependent. One of them is BPH, the non-cancerous overgrowth of the prostate gland. This walnut-sized organ is responsible for seminal fluid surrounding the urethra through which a man urinates. The prostate grows with age–typically beginning around 40–and the urine stream stutters and stops. Some men may retain urine and develop urinary tract infections.


The urologist in Gilbert, AZ, assesses the prostate with a digital rectal exam (DRE) and reviews the symptoms. He may recommend medications to shrink the prostate size or in-office procedures to lift the prostate away from the urethra (UroLift). The therapeutic goal is better and less frequent and urgent bathroom habits for men middle-aged and up.

ED And Peyronie’s Disease

Johns Hopkins University reports that erectile dysfunction (ED) affects hundreds of millions of men across the globe. While age is not causative, advancing years correlate with the inability to achieve an erection adequate for sex.


ED has both psychological and physical components as men’s sexual health is adversely affected by:


●    Stress

●    Relationship problems

●    Diabetes

●    Hypertension

●    High cholesterol

●    Smoking

●    Obesity

●    Lack of physical activity


The common ED comorbidity is Peyronie’s disease, a pronounced curvature of the penis caused by plaque build-up.


Fortunately, your urologist in Phoenix has the diagnostic and treatment skills to deal with ED and Peyronie’s disease. Underlying health problems are treated first, but also, this men’s health specialist uses a wide range of treatment options to halt and reverse both ED and Peyronie’s disease. Medications, surgery, and external devices to encourage erections and straighten the penis may be part of a customized–and highly successful–care plan.

Kidney And Bladder Stones

Uric acid and cysteine are minerals that make up the hard and painful stones (calculi) that accumulate and block the urinary tract. These stones cause flank pain, bloody, uncomfortable urination, and symptoms of infections, such as fever and chills.


Diet, heredity, weight issues, etc. contribute to the formation of kidney stones. Good hydration, medications, such as Flomax, and some surgical and non-surgical procedures can rid the urinary tract of stones. Lifestyle changes can help prevent future formation.

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)


Kidney, bladder and prostate infections cause men pain, cloudy urine, poor urine stream, etc. With an in-office exam and urine/blood tests, your urologist can determine the reasons behind the infections and, as necessary, prescribe antibiotics to clear the causative bacteria and analgesics to relieve the discomfort.

Cancer of the Prostate

One out of every nine American men will develop prostate cancer; thankfully, treatment options from your urologist in Phoenix are more versatile and effective than ever. Regular screening tests detect malignancy in its earliest stages when remission is more likely.


At age 40, men should see the top urologist in Phoenix for a prostate examination (digital rectal exam) and PSA blood test. This visit is important whether or not you suspect a problem. Also, you and your men’s health specialist can discuss how often you should receive prostate cancer screening depending on your risk factors.

Male Infertility

Low sperm count, small testicles, low testosterone, and more can cause a man to be infertile. In fact, a third or more of couples in the US who cannot conceive have a diagnosable male infertility issue.


So, males who wish to be fathers should explore the physical assessment and treatment options available from a board-certified urologist in Gilbert, AZ. He has blood tests to assess hormone levels, sophisticated imaging techniques to reveal anatomical defects and more. Also, he successfully restores many men’s fertility through a surgical reversal of vasectomy.


Comprehensive Urology and Men’s Health Care in Phoenix, AZ

The board-certified urologist, Dr. Desi Avila, is a leader in men’s sexual and urological health. He understands numerous male health issues and features surgical, minimally invasive, and non-invasive treatment techniques.


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