Can Intimacy Still Be Exciting After A Vasectomy?

Can Intimacy Still Be Exciting After A Vasectomy?

by Jeetendra Kumar (SU)

Vasectomy is a permanent contraception method for men that can be reversed in most cases, should the patient decide to reverse it. As a medication-free method that only requires a simple outpatient procedure, vasectomy is a great way to control family planning.

One of the main concerns patients have before getting a vasectomy is whether it will affect their sex life. Will there be changes in sexual performance after the procedure? Moreover, will sex still be exciting after a vasectomy? These are legitimate concerns and should be discussed in detail with your doctor prior to getting the procedure done.

To get you started, we answer some intimacy related questions below.

Will There Be Changes to Sexual Function After a Vasectomy?

After a vasectomy, some men may experience changes in their sexual function. They may have difficulty achieving an erection or ejaculating. However, these changes are temporary and improve within a few weeks. In most cases, patients can go back to having sex two weeks after a vasectomy, if using the traditional method, and one week after if using the no-scalpel method. However, the full effectiveness of a vasectomy can take several weeks, so make sure to use protection until your doctor gives you clearance.

Will Sex Still Be Exciting?

Yes, intimacy can still be exciting after a vasectomy. This is because a vasectomy does not affect the ability to have an erection. It also does not affect your testosterone levels, which are responsible for your sex drive. For the majority of men who have the procedure, the desire to be intimate and have sex remains unchanged after a vasectomy, with some couples reporting that their sex life is better than ever, knowing that they cannot get pregnant.

Are There Any Sex-Related Risks Involved?

In extremely rare cases, some men experience chronic pain or decreased sensation after a vasectomy. Approximately one to two percent of patients experience these symptoms temporarily. This is considered a rare complication. You should know that the risks are significantly reduced when you choose an experienced urologic surgeon who has a lot of experience performing the procedure. It cannot be stressed enough that patients should choose a highly trained and experienced urologist for their vasectomy, so that the procedure is done safely and successfully. This is the single most important thing you can do to reduce your risk of complications and increase your chances of surgical success.

Experienced Urologist for Vasectomy in Phoenix, AZ

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