Common Urological Conditions

Common Urological Conditions

by Yenny (SU)

Urological diseases are common among men, women, and children of all ages. These conditions affect your urinary tract, which serves as your body’s drainage system. The urinary tract includes the bladder, ureters, and kidneys. Aside from these, male’s reproductive organs may also experience urological issues.

Most Common Urological Conditions

Here are some of the most common urological conditions, as identified by the American Urological Association. They are most commonly diagnosed and treated by a urologist.


Kidney and Ureteral Stones

These stones are pebble-like crystals that can form in the kidney or the ureter. This condition occurs when you have high levels of minerals in your urine but not enough fluid to dilute them. Kidney and ureteral stones become a problem because they prevent the proper flow of urine and can be very painful to deal with. Smaller stones do not require invasive treatment, and you have to simply wait for them to pass. However, if you have larger stones, they may require additional treatment to break them down or have surgery to remove them.


Urinary Incontinence

This condition occurs when you lose control of your bladder. People who experience this issue are incapable of adequately holding or releasing their urine when they want. They often leak urine unexpectedly. Treatment for urinary incontinence can vary depending on the cause and severity of the condition. Treatments include medicine, exercises, surgical intervention, periurethral collagen injection, and sling procedures.


Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are also known as bladder infections that cause pain and difficulty when urinating. There are several causes for this condition, and they vary from age and lifestyle habits to other health conditions. While UTIs are more common among women, it can also happen to men. If left untreated, this condition may cause high fevers, chills, and back pain. One common symptom of UTIs is the frequent urge to urinate but only being able to pass small amounts at a time. Treatment for UTIs is typically prescription medicine.


Erectile Dysfunction

A common urological issue among men is erectile dysfunction (ED). ED is the inability to get or maintain an erection for sexual intercourse. This issue becomes more common as men age and a lot of lifestyle factors can cause or exasperate ED. There are a lot of treatments for ED, including medications, counseling, lifestyle changes, and surgery.


Prostatitis refers to swelling and inflammation in the prostate. Prostatitis can make it difficult for men to urinate because of pain symptoms. It can also cause pain in the abdomen, pelvic area, and the lower back. This condition is typically treated with medications to bring the inflammation down in the prostate. 

Vasectomies and Vasectomy Reversals

Finally, another common urological issue that men see urologists for is vasectomies and vasectomy reversals. Family planning needs and desires can change. When it comes to a permanent form of birth control, a vasectomy offers just that. Vasectomies prevent the flow of sperm into semen, which prevents the possibility of pregnancy. In the situation that your family planning needs change, a vasectomy reversal can restore the flow of sperm.

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