Should I Use a Home Sperm Test Kit After a Vasectomy?

Should I Use a Home Sperm Test Kit After a Vasectomy?

by ih-daj admin

If you're one of the many men across the Phoenix area that avoid going to the doctor unless you’re seriously ill or injured, you've probably considered not returning to Dr. Avila for your post-vasectomy sperm analysis (PVSA). Typically, it takes 20 – 25 ejaculations to completely flush sperm out of your system after your procedure, and it’s important to be tested to make sure you they have been eliminated before you have unprotected sex.

There are many reasons for not going back to the doctor for your post-op sperm test. It could be that there isn’t a convenient time, or maybe you feel a sense of embarrassment. So home sperm test kits sound like a great solution after your vasectomy - but should you skip your follow-up and rely on the results?

The simple answer to that is no, because like other home tests, self PVSA kits are not always 100% accurate. The test may show a negative fertility result, but there may still be sperm left in your tubes (vas deferens) that can cause pregnancy. An in-office test performed by Dr. Avila will measure your exact sperm count. When it is zero, he will give you the “all clear” which means that you can no longer get your significant other pregnant. Taking the time to make an appointment can give you both added peace of mind for a healthy relationship.

While an at-home test result may indicate that you are no longer fertile, you would never know for sure whether sperm is exiting along with your ejaculatory fluids. Many home tests only read sperm counts above 250,000 sperm per milliliter, a very small amount for sure, but it only takes one to fertilize an egg. While some people find at-home tests easy and accurate, other men have found out too late that their results were wrong– after an unplanned pregnancy occurs.

Dr. Avila utilizes a minimally invasive technique for vasectomies to ensure that your procedure is a success. Follow-ups are an important part in ensuring the success of your vasectomy, even if you try an at home test. You’ll feel much better having assurance from your doctor, which can give you the freedom to experience greater pleasure during sex if you’re not worrying about an accidental pregnancy. And you don’t have to worry about embarrassment, anxiety, or any other normal emotions – Dr. Avila’s compassionate demeanor will quickly put your mind at ease.

If you’ve had a vasectomy and you haven’t had a PVSA (no matter how long it’s been since your procedure), Dr. Avila can quickly check to ensure that you are no longer fertile. If you’re considering a vasectomy, and would like to schedule an appointment to discuss any questions or address any concerns you might have about our no-scalpel vasectomy in Phoenix, please call (480) 961-2323 today.